Skyewood Leonbergers
Our Secret
We have a secret you and I,
that we both understand.
See, you're not gone, I feel you still,
your nose against my hand.

And only I reach out and touch,
the living warmth of you.
As your body leans on me,
with that nudge you always do.

And only I will walk our land,
and know you follow me.
I feel you moving close behind,
red coat blowing in the breeze.

And only I can see you play,
in the stream we often passed.
And when I call you, only I,
can see the moving grass.
Ch Skyewood Perfectly Purple (Ben)
1/09/2005 - 2/02/2016

Ben is the son of Mimmi and George, and was the most wonderful friend and companion. He has gave us much pleasure in the show ring but also proved to be pretty good at the water work as well. He picked up the exercises without too much difficulty, and got really excited when he saw the water gear come out. He was the favourite of many, and dearly loved by us. He made us smile with his 'talking', and the way he  loved to carry things about. Rest in peace beautiful, gentle Benny Boy.