Skyewood Leonbergers
Our Secret

We have a secret you and I,
that we both understand.
See, you're not gone, I feel you still,
your nose against my hand.

And only I reach out and touch,
the living warmth of you.
As your body leans on me,
with that nudge you always do.

And only I will walk our land,
and know you follow me.
I feel you moving close behind,
red coat blowing in the breeze.

And only I can see you play,
in the stream we often passed.
And when I call you, only I,
can see the moving grass
NZCH Teamaides Gorgeous George (Sweden)
18/02/2004 - 26/02/2014

George was my most beautiful boy, sent to us by Sanna Johanssen from the Teamaides kennel in Sweden. Over the years he gave us much pleasure, both as a family member and in the show ring. He has produced some beautiful children, grandchildren, and great grand children, and we are grateful to have had him in our lives. I wanted to keep him with me so much longer, I loved him so much. He was the most special and the most beautiful boy, and he was my friend. Thank you Sanna, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing him to be a part of my life.