Skyewood Leonbergers
Our Secret

We have a secret you and I,
that we both understand.
See, you're not gone, I feel you still,
your nose against my hand.

And only I reach out and touch,
the living warmth of you.
As your body leans on me,
with that nudge you always do.

And only I will walk our land,
and know you follow me.
I feel you moving close behind,
red coat blowing in the breeze.

And only I can see you play,
in the stream we often passed.
And when I call you, only I,
can see the moving grass.
CH Roanoak Beauregard (Australia)
26/12/2002 - May 2012

I remember the day Tassie arrived in New Zealand from Australia. There was a mix up at the airport, and I was frantic with worry. He finally came through the MAF station, walked calmly out of his crate, and began eating the chicken necks I had brought along for him. He certainly wasn’t a bit fazed. He stayed that way for the rest of his life with us. He knew who he was, what he wanted and who he loved. He eventually became the ‘boss man’ here at Skyewood and ruled absolutely. 
His passing was sudden and not expected. He has left a big space…he was always nearby, as close as he could get to his people. We miss him.