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My husband Rob, our Leonbergers, and I live on 10 acres just outside of Tauranga, New Zealand. We have owned and have been breeding Leonbergers for over 20 years, and have enjoyed living with these beautiful dogs. They are wonderful companions, as well as getting us out into the show ring, and more recently trying our hand at water rescue work. We purchased Skye, our very first Leonberger in 1998, and she was everything we expected in the breed.

Since then we have worked together with Charlotte Hviid from Leonz Leonbergers, and imported several Leonbergers from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Australia. Lately we have had success with frozen semen from Germany and Australia. We occasionally breed a litter of puppies, and enjoy meeting new owners, and also those who have decided they want more than one. Be warned,  Leonberger puppies are very addictive!! We thoroughly enjoy our life with our Leos, and have made many friends over the years.

We are members of The Leonberger Club (NZ) and enjoy being involved in their activities. We have a policy of eye testing, and hip and elbow scoring all the dogs we breed from. More recently we have begun testing for early onset polyneuropathy LPN1, LPN2, LPPN3, and LEMP. We are glad to report that at this stage all our breeding dogs have tested clear.

We are also members of Dogs New Zealand

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