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Alice is the daughter of Annie and Harry. She is the sweetest, most gentle soul. She enjoys spending her hours of rest on the couch and going for her daily walks. Even though she is retired she can still break out a run when it suits her, as you can see in the photo. Another of our Leonbergers who loves her food, she doesn’t hesitate to offer her big paw when she wants attention.

Mother of Tessa and Lucy, she has has passed on her special-ness to them.


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Tessa is the daughter of Alice and Henry, and very special to us. A lovely strong girl, she is friendly and kind. She loves to sit out the front and let us know if anything different or unusual is happening in the neighborhood. If she’s not doing that she happily spends her hours snoring on the couch, and coming for our twice daily walks. We are very grateful for the one beautiful litter of puppies she and Halo have given us.