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Leonberger dog and fran


Our Secret

We have a secret you and I, that we both understand.
     See, you’re not gone, I feel you still, your nose against my hand.

And only I reach out and touch, the living warmth of you.
    As your body leans on me, with that nudge you always do.

And only I will walk our land, and know you follow me.
    I feel you moving close behind, red coat blowing in the breeze.

And only I can see you play, in the stream we often passed.
    And when I call you, only I, can see the moving grass.

© Francisca Baars


Skyewood Always An Answer with Leonz​

Copper was a special boy, much loved, and considered by his family to be the best Leonberger that has ever lived. Son of Troll and the beautiful Findern, he brought utter joy and happiness to his family, and has been described as ‘The Perfect Dog’ on many occasions. He lived a long and happy life. Terribly missed and always loved by his special people.


CH Skyewood Exquisite Edge

24/09/2010 - October 2020

Annie was born here at Skyewood, and was a lovely big girl with the most wonderfully affectionate temperament. She was another of our Leos who just loved to swim, play and eat! She was the kind of girl who would sit on your feet, and if you didn’t pat her, her big foot will come up and give you a ‘nudge’ to remind you that she was there. She is the mother of our lovely boy Boris, and our beautiful girl Alice. We love you Annie Panni, and you will always be close to us in your lovely children who all have the same loving and kind hearts.


NZCH Fiva's Isabella

10/03/2006 - 25/02/2017
Bella came to us from Eva and Dag Findahl in Norway. A bright, happy girl, she loved to be in the midst of the action. She enjoyed the show ring and moved with elegance, drive and pure enjoyment. In May 2008 she presented us with a lovely litter to Ronan (Leonz Noble Nimrod by Skyewood) and she proved to be an excellent mother. In 2010 she was mated to Quinn (Leonz Quintus Quattro) and another beautiful litter was the result. We kept her son Jack. Her final litter to Yoda (NZCH Ann’s Lions Summer Surprise (Finland), gave our lovely boy Freddie. Rest in peace beautiful Bella, you will never be forgotten. We always think of you with love and smiles.


Ch Skyewood Perfectly Purple

1/09/2005 - 2/02/2016
Ben, the son of Mimmi and George, was the most wonderful friend and companion. He has gave us much pleasure in the show ring, but also proved to be pretty good at the water work as well. He picked up the exercises without too much difficulty, and got really excited when he saw the water gear come out. He was the favourite of many, and dearly loved by us. He made us smile with his ‘talking’, and the way he loved to carry things about. Rest in peace beautiful, gentle Benny Boy.


CH Skyewood Just Joking with Leonz

27/11/2013 - date to come
Boris was our boy from Annie and Freddie. He had a lovely, happy temperament, and grew into a beautiful big lad. He did well in the show ring for us, but we were really impressed with the way he took to the water work, so spent some time with him there.

He is the father of our delightful boy Bruce.


CH Skyewood Fearless Freddie

27/03/2011 - April 2021
Fred is our boy from beautiful Bella (NZCH Fiva’s Isabella) and Yoda (NZCH Ann’s Lions Summer Surprise). Laid back and generally calm, he was the best of company. He loved to swim, play and and appeared to enjoy showing. He is the father of our lovely, gentle boy Boris. We miss you beautiful boy, your sense of humour and gentle ways will always be a part of us.


NZCH Teamaides Gorgeous George (Sweden)

18/02/2004 - 26/02/2014

George was my most beautiful boy, sent to us by Sanna Johanssen from the Teamaides kennel in Sweden.

Over the years he gave us much pleasure, both as a family member and in the show ring. He has produced some beautiful children, grandchildren, and great grand children, and we are grateful to have had him in our lives.I wanted to keep him with me so much longer, I loved him so much. He was the most special and the most beautiful boy, and he was my friend. Thank you Sanna, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing him to be a part of my life.


CH Leonz Great Gin

25/01/2012 - date to come
Gin was our beautiful girl who wanted nothing more than to be by my side.  Always full of life, she excelled in the showring, but her main purpose in life was to be with us. She was the matriarch here in her latter years, and was loved and respected by all. We miss you Ginny Gins, and can never thank you enough for giving us our gorgeous boys Henry, Alfie and Bruce.


CH Adlitam Rowanoak for Skyewood (AI) (Australia)

19/04/2014 - date to come
Harry came to us from Lyndsay and Graham Clarke in Melbourne. A very special lad, his father was Rosacece Leonurus (Rowan). Rowan’s sperm was frozen several years prior, and finally, thanks to the persistence and commitment of Lyndsay and Graham, and his beautiful mother Skyewood Fearless Flame, we had this very precious boy. He settled extremely well Skyewood and we enjoyed taking him out and about. Thank you Lyndsay and Graham, we were priviliged to have this lovely boy who also became the father of our lovely Alice.


CH Skyewood Beautiful Black Jak Leonz

12/03/2010 - February 2019
Jack is the son of Bella and Quinn (Leonz Quintus Quattro). Born on the 12th March 2010, we particularly wanted a boy from that litter, and as he was the only one, he got to stay. Jack was precious, and he found a very special place in our family. We particularly loved his temperament, inquisitive and friendly, but most of all he loved to be with me. We have enjoyed showing him with very pleasing results, but first and foremost he was my boy.


CH Bolelejonet Velvet Violet (Sweden)

21/09/2001 - May 2010
Mimmi arrived from the Bolelejonet kennel in Sweden, and was our first import. She made an outstanding contribution to our Leonbergers, producing lovely litters to CH Pridelands First Impression (Noble litter), NZCH Teamaides Gorgeous George (Perfectly litter) and NZCH Ann’s Lions Summer Surprise (Totally litter). Mimmi enjoyed life to the full, and was the much loved and respected matriach at Skyewood until she passed away. Thank you Mimmi for the wonderful years. We will always remember you with love and smiles.
Leonberger Mimmi Skyewood Leonbergers


CH Lejongardens Fjall (Skye)

3/01/1998 - November 2005

Skye was our first Leo, and the one single reason we so fell in love with this breed. We purchased her in January 1998. Her sire is Leona’s Arro (Norway) and her dam is Gep’s Big Bears She’s Leaving Home (Sweden).

She always liked to stay close to me and if I stood still long enough she would sit on my feet. Many visitors were also treated to this demand for affection!

Thank you Skye for being the wonderful dog you were, and the pleasure and companionship you gave me over your lifetime. You touched the hearts of many, and will always be remembered with love. I miss you, and there is a special place in my heart that will always be yours.


CH Roanoak Beauregard (Australia)

26/12/2002 - May 2012

I remember the day Tassie arrived in New Zealand from Australia. There was a mix up at the airport, and I was frantic with worry. He finally came through the MAF station, walked calmly out of his crate, and began eating the chicken necks I had brought along for him. He certainly wasn’t a bit fazed. He stayed that way for the rest of his life with us. He knew who he was, what he wanted and who he loved. He eventually became the ‘boss man’ here at Skyewood and ruled absolutely.

His passing was sudden and not expected. He has left a big space…he was always nearby, as close as he could get to his people. We miss him.


Fairytroll's Nov Dedicato Mozart (Sweden)

26/10/2007 - October 2021
Troll arrived from Sweden in February 2008, and easily integrated into our family. A happy, lively boy with a loving. He absolutely adored the water, and would play all day. He started his show career with a Baby Puppy of Group, a Puppy of Group, a Junior in Show, and was Best in Show at the Leonberger Club Open Show in 2010. We loved him for his wonderfully happy personality. Thank you Maria for sending us this handsome boy. He had a long, happy life, and was very much loved.